Following are profiles of each farm participating in the 2024 Clover Valley Farm Trail. The profiles include a link to each farm's website (click the farm name), interactive map code, the farm's owner(s) and address, commonly sold items, and a brief farm description.

Emily Richey & Kyle Cook, 1109 Two Harbors Road

Commonly sold items: seasonal vegetables, cut flower bouquets, pasture raised eggs and chickens, maple syrup, and locally made barbecue sauce


Agates Acres strives to build a deep community who cultivates and strengthens the connection between land, people, and food.

Patricia & Steve Berger, 7221 Laine Road

Commonly sold items: seasonal veggies, greens (lettuces, spinach, kale, Swiss chard) herbs, apples, plants, canned goods (jams/jellies, cucumber relish, salsa, dill pickles, sauerkraut,) herbed salts and seasonings


Established in 2017, Boreal Bounty Farm is a family-owned, 20-acre farm 7 miles northwest of Two Harbors, MN. Our vision is to provide fresh, quality, locally grown produce and products for ourselves and our community. We are truly amazed at the transformation of a seed into our harvest. We are Seed to Stand and we do not use any chemicals in our production.

Cindy Hale & Jeff Hall, 1547 Clover Valley Drive

Commonly sold items: vinegars & shrubs, sauces, mustard, herb infused salts, fresh fruits, herbs & veggies, transplants, wool roving & naturally dyed yarn, and wood turn artwork


Dedicated to local & sustainable foods and ecological farming since 2007. Our signature products include homemade gourmet fruit and herb infused vinegars, herb infused culinary salts, salves, wool batting, roving, yarn and felted artwork, and wood-turned art. Please see our website for pictures & more details.

Bridget & Blane Tetreault, 1386 Shilhon Road

Commonly sold items: baked goods, canned foods, vegetable seedlings, seasonal vegetables, farm fresh chicken eggs


Our family of four grows a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and native plants on our 10 acres. We believe in working with Mother Earth, using methods such as permaculture and natural, chemical-free, gardening techniques, to grow healthy and productive plants, trees, and shrubs. 

From our farm stand, we sell our fruits and vegetables, baked goods, such as fresh baked scones, breads, cookies, and dog treats. Plus, we sell farm fresh eggs, and, if you are into surfing or surf culture and apparel, check out our Duluth Surf Co. 

We believe in being culture-makers instead of just culture-consumers. And, we strive to be the change we wish to see in the world. Vote with your dollars by supporting causes you believe in such as small farms!

Bianca Seay, 7217 Hill Road

Commonly sold items: goats milk & cheese, flowers, herbs, baked & canned goods


We are a small family farm offering fresh goats milk & cheese, produce, flowers, herbs, and baked goods, as well as a variety of specialty canned goods.

Jadell & Joe Cavallin, 1845 Waldo Road

Commonly sold items: vegetable, annual, perennial plants and starters; bare root trees and shrubs; native and bee-friendly plants, cut flowers, seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs, honey and beeswax products, dried herbs and chilies, canned goods (pickles, dilly beans, apple and tomato sauces, salsa) and more


Little Waldo Farm is dedicated to connecting you to nature through homegrown foods, local agricultural and horticultural knowledge, and all things plants. We support and promote native pollinators and honeybees utilizing unique habitat settings throughout our farm and beyond. 

We are a small 10 acre farm just north of Two Harbors where we invite groups and individuals to learn from our experience growing in the Northland. As growers for the Forest Assisted Migration Project, we support land stewardship and the restoration of our Minnesota forests. 

We look forward to increasing the diversity of those plants, trees and shrubs that provide the necessary habitats which allow life to thrive in our beautiful Northshore region. Check out our website to further connect with us. 


Justin & Mark Osadjan, 7063 App Road

Commonly sold items: Spring - vegetable seedlings, herb plants, rhubarb, perennial plants; Summer - blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries, currants, assorted small specialty fruits; Autumn - grapes, onions, rutabaga, turnips


We are a family-owned, sustainable fruit farm located on a historic homestead site, offering an array of seedlings, berries, and produce, with offerings varying throughout the growing season.

Dan Schutte, 1240 Shoreview Road

Commonly sold items: Native plants


We are dedicated to helping home and business owners transform outdoor spaces into landscapes that support aesthetic, ecological, economic, and social goals. We specialize in installing gardens that feature local and regional native plant species, including flowers, grasses, sedges, shrubs, and trees. 

These gardens directly support declining populations of pollinators, by providing habitat for monarch butterflies, native bees, honeybees, and a host of other pollinator species that are exhibiting major population decline. 

We’ve been creating pollinator habitat, one yard at a time, since 2015 and look forward to working with you to do the same.

Liz Strohmayer, 2208 Lismore Road

Commonly sold items: Visit "The Veggie Stand" link on website for available items


SolFed Farm is a women-owned micro-farm near Duluth, MN. We are Certified Naturally Grown, using sustainable farming practices and a focus on soil health to provide the highest quality produce directly from our farm to your kitchen. 

We are built on the foundation of connecting people with their food, respecting our environment, and passing our knowledge on to others. Getting to know your farmer and seeing where and how your food is grown is an integral part of why we exist. Check out our website to see what we are up to.


Julie Allen & Bill Hall, 6691 Homestead Road

Note: Please park inside our fence and not on the Homestead Road. Thank you!

Commonly sold items: garlic, flowers, eggs, and seasonal produce including early greens, strawberries, melons, apples, and much more

Summer 2023 Update: Our strawberries are sold out for the season


Sörestad is run by Julie Allen and Bill Hall with a lot of help from our toddler.  We are passionate about growing excellent food for our community, and caring for the land which cares for us. We bought this old farmstead in 2020 and are restoring its soil, ecology, and structures so that it may produce abundantly, provide habitat for all sorts of creatures, and be a meeting place for neighbors and friends. And of course we grow everything without any chemicals! 

Our farm stand will be open during daylight hours every Sunday and Wednesday.